Horse Assisted Education by ChavaNaturalsThe field environment combined with direct interaction with horses provides a unique learning opportunity. Based on insights gained from horses about the power of nonverbal communication, the field of equine guided education offers efficient, hands on learning experiences relevant to every profession or role in which people need to gain the trust and respect of those they work with. Horses teach us how to connect, respect, and gain trust through communication.

About the Educator: 
Susan Moore, CEGE

Equine partnered education for the sake of transforming human relationship and leadership skills is Ms. Moore’s passion. Certified as an Equine Guided Educator and an organizational development coach, as well as a consummate project manager, Susan is ideally suited to successfully design and implement a program that offers the profound learning opportunity of partnering with horses.

Many women today have personal experiences with sexual discrimination and misconduct. This is the time for change. Susan facilitates personal and professional development programs designed to empower people through their experience of connection with horses. Through experiential learning, horses teach mind/body awareness, presence, and creation of trust.


Through Chava Naturals, we teach HAE programs such as Medicine and Horsemanship, Women's Empowerment Program and ETC Leadership Program. Please contact us for more information.