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Easy to carry, nutritionally appropriate food bar for our dogs while on the trail hiking and backpacking. Salmon Bars are here!  (10) 1 oz Beef BARS (3) 1 oz Beef BARS 5 oz Beef BITES  (10) .5 oz Salmon BARS (3) 3.2...
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Ingredients: Antibiotic or Hormone Free Proteins or Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon; Organic Dates, Chia Seeds, Carrots, Celery Seed

We use only a small amount of natural preservatives in our products, which means that our RUFF BARS are perishable. Best keep cool until you take it with you on your adventure. Please consume within 1 day after opening.

Same recipe; improved shelf stability with new packaging,

~ no freezing or refrigerating is needed!

Guaranteed Analysis For Beef Bars

Crude Protein 24.45%
Crude Fat  15.53%
Crude Fiber 9.32%
Moisture (Air Oven) 25.98%
Kcal 294 kcal/ 100g

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