Kairos Dog Snacks contain our tincture plus Chava Naturals Flex (Joint Support) Herb Mix. These treats are perfect for dogs dealing with pain and discomfort from cancer, arthritis, any joint and mobility problems, inflammation, or for dogs dealing with anxiety.

Kairos Dog Snacks are made from only a few simple ingredients: grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free beef liver and bone broth, organic pumpkin, organic chia seeds and the appropriate tincture and/or herb mix. That's right, we don't add any sugar, even though our pawed pals love it just as much as we do. However, sugar is bad for your pup, especially when dealing with joint or digestion problems, anxiety or serious illness like cancer. Even though most dogs will enjoy eating these treats, if yours is not just crumble the treat and sprinkle over your dog's food, or mix into gravy, bone broth or anything else he enjoys eating. Any of these treats will ease digestion, soothe inflammation and bring the body back into balance. You will see a difference!