Testimonial - Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue

Customer Story:

"The herbal blends of Chava Naturals has been part of our feeding protocol for over 10 years, dating back to the time the company was know as Chamisa Ridge. These ultra fresh and organic blends continue to be an integral part of our feeding regime and equine rehabilitation process. Running a 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization, specializing in off-track Thoroughbreds, brings with it, an inherent set of equine health challenges. Upon arrival into our program, all horses receive comprehensive vet care, including complete blood panels. Due to the fact that many drugs, legal, and at times illegal, are administered to the Thoroughbreds at the track, we consistently find imbalances in the blood chemistry in regard to liver and kidney values. Often the horses are under stress, which can compromise the immune system. Most Thoroughbreds exiting the track have experienced excessive stress to joints and tendons, and often need layup time.

We are so thankful to Chava Naturals for making available the high quality herbal blends that aid in detox, immune and joint support an other specialized issues. Time and again, we have experienced our horses recover quickly and maintain optimum health and vitality with the use of herbal blends by Chava Naturals. Thank you again for providing such a superior product!
Karen Groebli,
President and Founder, Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue